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Line Sheet

Crimp, Insertion & Removal Tools for Electrical Connectors & Terminals


AMP/Tyco (tools only)

AstroTool Corp.

Daniels Manufacturing Corp.

Deutsch - ECD (tools only)

ETC-Molex (tools only)

FCI/Burndy Products (tools only)

Ideal Industries, Inc.

ITT Cannon Electric (tools only)

Kings Electronics (tools only)

Molex Incorporated (tools only)

Rostra Tool Company


Thomas & Betts (tools only)





Precision Wire & Fiberoptic Strippers (Hand, Pneumatic, Electric)

Clauss Cutlery Company

Coastel Cable Tools



Production Hand Tools - Cutters, Pliers, Tweezers and Screwdrivers

C.K. Company

Clauss Cutlery Company

Excelta Corporation

Klein Tools

Lindstrom Tools



Task Lighting & Optical Magnification Devices

Dazor Lighting

Donegan Optical

O.C. White Company



Tool Kits for the Repair of Electrical Systems

Astro Tool Corp

Graphic Datakits International



Wire Wrap Tools, Pneumatic Screwdrivers & Nutrunners



Safe-T-Cable - "The New Simplified Replacement for Lockwire"